Three Peaks Mountain Rally Challenge - Win £1000 Cash :-)

Three Peaks Mountain Rally Challenge 2011
A brand new event for 2011. You've heard of the Gumball Rally - you've heard of the Three Peaks Challenge. Now we give you the ultimate team building, fitness and endurance UK event - the Three Peaks Mountain Rally Challenge.

Your challenge is "to climb, and drive between, mountains equal to (or more than) the total national Three Peaks Challenge height of 3407 metres". Strictly only open to teams of 6 - that's 2 drivers and 4 climbers. Teams will provide their own MPV or small minibus.

Now, here's the twist. We will not be using the traditional highest peaks of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon. So you must complete at least 4 mountains to climb a total of 3407 metres or higher... You must visit at least one summit in each country - Scotland, England, and Wales, and you must cross the border at a chosen crossing point as dictated by the organisers. The list below shows all possible mountains and crossing points - the actual mountains and crossing points to be used will only be divulged to teams at the start in Glasgow. Be the best - and win £1000 cash. Sorted.



3PM Rally Challenge 2011 - Event Locations

Three Peaks Mountain Rally Map 2011
Possible mountain locations
START: Near Glasgow. The actual start will only be revealed at the event briefing in Glasgow on the Friday evening.

FINISH: South Wales, Midlands or southern England.  Again, this will only be revealed as teams start.

MOUNTAINS: The following list contains 15 mountains, 5 in each country of Scotland, England and Wales. When you cross the start line, you will be given a list of 6 mountains (2 from each country) from the list below which will be available to visit for this event. You must visit at least 1 from each country, and clock up a total height of more than 3407 metres...! So this may be 4, or possibly 5 mountains to climb...

BORDER CROSSINGS: The following list contains 6 border crossings. The 2 compulsory crossing points (one for each border crossing) will only be revealed to you at the start of the challenge. You MUST cross the border at the staffed crossing/checkpoints.

1. Gretna Green
2. Carter Bar
3. Coldstream

1. Chester
2. Presteigne
3. Monmouth
1. Cairn Toul (1291)
2. Ben Lawers (1214)
3. Ben Lomond (974)
4. Merrick (843)
5. Beinn Trilleachan (839)

1. Sca Fell (964)
2. Helvellyn (950)
3. Cross Fell (893)
4. Cheviot (815)
5. Pen-Y-Ghent (694)

1. Carnedd Llewelyn (1064)
2. Pen yr Ole Wen (978)
3. Tryfan (915)
4. Pen-Y-Fan (886)
5. Moel Famau (554)


3PM Rally Challenge 2011 - Event Logistics

FRIDAY: Teams will travel to Glasgow for final registration and pre-event safety briefing. 1 hour briefing and kit distribution in Glasgow. Teams to arrange own overnight accommodation.

SATURDAY: 0600 - Mass event start in Glasgow. Teams issued with final checkpoint information. Teams plan and drive to first climb. Teams will climb 4 mountains, and visit two compulsory Border Crossings.

SUNDAY: 1800 - All teams to have finished at end location. Teams arriving after 1800 will be eliminated. Awards and prizes at finish. We recommend teams stay overnight before travelling home Monday morning, if possible.


Latest Event News...

Mass start at Three Peaks Mountain Rally Challenge
The dates are set, the event is go, go, go...

With some 14 months to go, we have secured (with the upmost secrecy) the start and finish venues for this challenge. The mountains are selected, and we are now working on the best climbing routes for you. We reckon a very switched-on support team, with a good vehicle and fast climbers will complete this challenge in around 24 hours... We will be attempting a dry run in the next month or so. I may, or may not, put our times on the website for you ;-)

Dates Announced.

The dates for this unique challenge are Friday 23rd September 2011 to Sunday 25th September. Teams will need to be in the Glasgow area by 9pm Friday. The event does not start until 6am Saturday. The event will finish in the south of the country, within 2 hours of London, but you should consider staying overnight for an after-event party if at all possible.

Entries Now Open.

From the initial interest we've had in this event, we expect it to reach full capacity well before the closing date for entries. For this reason, we are only accepting entries via our online entries system, and only accepting entries with full team entry payment. We can't hold places whilst you try to get a team together - you're either in or out..!  Please click this link to enter.

Event Rules.

A full, definitive set of rules will be issued shortly, but our rules will very much fairness based, rather than nanny state based. To win a prize, or the £1000 cash, you MUST be able to show you've complied with our event rules.

Prize Catagories.

The £1000 cash prize will be awarded to the first team to cross the finish line that have complied with all of the event rules. However, we will also award prizes (not cash, unfortunately) to:

First all female team to finish: Girls Award
First vets team to finish (average age of 50): Vets Award
Oldest vehicle to finish: Jalopy Award
First Public Services award: Public Services Award
First Armed Services award: Armed Services Award
Young Pups award: Youngest team to finish within 36 hours
The Wooden Spoon: If you win this, you need to sack your Team Leader


3PM Rally Challenge 2011 - General Rules & Information

Teams MUST consist of 2 drivers and 4 climbers. Each of the 4 climbers must visit the selected summits for the team to complete the challenge.

Teams must visit summits totaling a height of 3407 metres or more, as well as the two compulsory Border Controls, within 36 hours, to complete the challenge.

Teams must visit at least one summit in each country.

Teams must text in progress reports at required intervals.

All team members must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the challenge.

Teams will be required to adhere to a number of other event safety rules, to be published.

Event date will be sometime in September 2011, cost will be £600 per team. As with all of our challenge events, early booking is essential to ensure you get a place. We expect this event to reach full capacity soon after entries open. To stay informed, please register an interest by emailing with "3PM Rally Challenge" in the subject line.

To add a little interest, the first team into the finish, fully complying with event rules, will win £1000 cash - on the spot. There will be other prizes available too, for catagory winners.


3PM Rally Challenge 2011 - Q&A's

Q: Can we really win £1000 cash?
A: Yes. The first team to reach the finish, fully complying with all of the rules, will get £1000 cash, there and then.

Q: When will we find out the location of possible mountains and border crossings?
A: At the mass start - 6am near Glasgow. Exact start location given out the previous evening.

Q: Will there be support staff on the mountains?
A: Yes. Each of the chosen mountains will have three staff, one at the base, one halfway, and one at the summit, to verify that ALL of your climbers have completed the mountain. You will be expected to navigate safely on each mountain without help from our support staff. If you get lost, tough. Our staff will only help with medical emergencies or serious incidents.

Q: Can we pick our own routes up each mountain?
A: No. The routes will be detailed when you start the Rally.

Q: How far will we drive?
A: Depending upon your planning skills, the total drive from start to finish could be from around 800 miles to 1200 miles.

Q: How far will the climbers need to walk?
A: Again, depending upon your route choices, climbers may need to walk some 20 - 30 miles in the mountains.

Q: What if we get lost?
A: You lose.

Q: What if we miss a checkpoint?
A: You lose.

Q: What if we take longer than 36 hours?
A: You lose.

Q: What if one of our climbers gets injured/exhausted?
A: You lose.

Q: What if we breakdown?
A: You lose.

Q: Is this event legal?
A: Erm, probably. Bits of it.

Are you getting the idea yet? Merseyventure are well known for looking after all of the needs and requirements of clients on our challenges. But this is different. You are totally responsible for yourselves - your planning, your execution, your food, your breaks, your fuel, your winning or losing. We are there just to ensure the event is fair - no-one cheats and everyone is treated equally. So...

Are you up to the challenge?


Example Mountain Checkpoint - Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond - Atlas Location
BEN LOMOND - SCOTLAND (974 metres)
Start Grid: NS359986
Summit Grid: NN367028
Height: 974 metres

Rowardennan SYHA Hostel,
Rowaerdennan Lodge,
Near Drymen,
G63 0AR.

Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond - 1:50 000 map location
Mountain Information
Teams must report to the Checkpoint based at the Visitor Centre Car Park at Rowardennan on arrival and departure. This mountain is in SCOTLAND and will add 974 metres to your total.

Your team must use the route as depicted on the map, and ALL climbers MUST visit the summit checkpoint together to add this mountain to your portfolio.

The return trip for climbers is aproximately 11kms and involves some 1000 metres of climbing. You will only have this mountain credited to your protfolio if ALL climbers reach the summit together, and check IN and OUT of this mountain stage correctly.